• Certification provides recognition of high professional competence displaying dedication, caliber, standard, commitment together with quality, depth and breadth of ICT knowledge leading to increased business opportunities and better employment prospects. Since 1979, CSI has been offering certifications in programming languages, office automation, system analysis and design, data structure through C language,data communication and networks, information systems control and audit, web programming, extensible markup language, object oriented analysis and design with C++, Linux, Java programming, embedded systems, information security, service oriented architecture and software testing. CSI prescribes the curriculum for each topic and ties up with training organizations, who trains and fields the candidates. Qualifying examinations are periodically conducted by CSI to award certification to successful candidates. CSI certifications found ready acceptance by Industry, by way of employment offers to certificate holders.

• With several UGC / AICTE recognized academic programs offering semester courses on these topics and due to dwindling number of applicants, all these certifications except the one on software testing were discontinued from 2004. CSI continues to offer certification on software testing and has recently introduced a certification program on e-waste management. Efforts are on, to introduce fresh and socially relevant certifications on Green IT, Network security and other contemporary topics not offered by regular commercial organizations.