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Bus Routes
Course highlights
About the Department
Year of Establishment: 2007
Head of the Department: Dr.R.Ganesan
with L&T, Nagarjuna Constructions, BGR Energy System, VA Tech Wabag, Shoba Developers, AFCONS, SAIPEM, Consolidated Construction consortium Ltd, UST Global Technologies, Arun Excello, Madras Cements Ltd, GDCL, SIKA Group, Akshaya Homes, Ozone group, JINDAL Industries, Paharapur Cooling Towers, SOMA Enterprises,
Membership in: ISTE, ICI, ACCE(I), IEI, IAHS, AHI, EWRI, IWWA, Institution of Engineers
Industrial Visits organized
1.Ennore Creek bridge by Nagarjuna Constructions
2. Highways Research Station
3. L&T Headoffice in Manapakkam and CSTI Training Center, Kanchipuram  
4. ChembarampakkamWater Treatment Plant
5. Birla RMC plant
6. L&T Steel Service Centre
7. Coromandel RMC
8 RMC Readymix India Ltd.
Students adopted for vacation training with organizations Chennai Metro Rail project, Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Gammon India Ltd., Highways Department, etc
About the Department
Civil engineering department was established in the year of 2007 with Under Graduate program. And the first batch of civil engineering students passed out of the institute in 2011. The department initiates Post Graduate program (construction engineering and management) in the year of 2014. The objective of the department is to adopt all measures such that students are trained be consummate civil engineers capable of contributing to the effort of “Nation Building”. The training and academic exposure helped these students to attract lucrative pay packages from the employers. Students have been placed in reputed construction companies and quite a few students plan to pursue higher education. The department is well endowed with highly qualified, committed faculty members; supporting staff, more than adequate infrastructure in the form of well planned classrooms, spacious laboratories, equipments, audio-visual aids and reasonable number of books and journals. Students are encouraged to participate in Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to infuse leadership qualities in them. A professional activity through Indian Concrete Institute is initiated and it is proposed to commence local chapter of INSDAG to further reinforce the exposure to professional practice. Symposiums, Guest lectures, Industrial Visits, Interaction with practicing professionals etc to ensure that the students are conversant with recent developments in the field of civil engineering. Students take up challenging projects and a professional practitioner is associated as Co-guide to ensure practical relevance of the project work wherever possible. Faculty members are encouraged to initiate research projects and attract funding. A large number of proposals have been generated and these efforts are likely to fructify in the near future.
Vision of the Department
Department of Civil Engineering will train students into consummate Civil Engineers who will be able to contribute to the nation building effort.
Mission of the Department
To emerge as a global leader in imparting Civil Engineering education.
To promote research in the field of Civil engineering with strong emphasis on values and overall personality development.
To facilitate and ensure value enhancement and ecological conservation in every Civil Engineering activity.

To provide students with a sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, analyze and solve engineering problems and to prepare them for graduate studies.
To train students in designing of safe, innovative, ecologically conservative civil engineering structures (green buildings), with excellent quality by both theory and practice to fit to conquer tomorrow's technology at global level.
To prepare students to become successful design engineers, project managers, R&D scientists, intrapreneur, entrepreneur.
To provide opportunity for students to acquire leadership skills and to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects to relate engineering issues at broader prespective.
To promote awareness among students towards human values, professional ethics, codes and practices for lifelong implementation and to contribute for the society in nation building effort.
Programme Outcomes:

Engineering knowledge : Graduates shall apply the basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals in civil engineering.
Problem analysis : Graduates shall identify, formulate, research and analyze to solve simple and complex civil engineering problems.
Conduct investigations of complex problems : Graduates shall use research-based knowledge and methods to conduct experiments, analysis and interpretation of data.
Design/development of solutions : Graduates shall design solutions for simple and complex civil engineering structures, system or processes to meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for infrastructure, public health, safety, cultural and societal environmental considerations.
Individual and team work : Graduates shall function effectively as an individual, as a member or leader in diverse teams in multidisciplinary settings.
Modern tool usage : Graduates shall create, select, apply appropriate techniques, resources, modern engineering tools, software and equipments to analyze and solve problems.
Ethics : Graduates shall adopt professional ethics and responsibilities in civil engineering practices.
Communication : Graduates shall communicate effectively in both verbal and written skills.
Environment and sustainability : Graduates shall understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts; demonstrate knowledge and need for sustainable development.
Life-long learning : Graduates shall develop confidence in self education and ability for life-long learning in the broadest context of technological changes; to participate and succeed in competitive examinations.
Project management and finance : Graduates shall demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering economics and management principles to manage projects.
The engineer and society : Graduates shall implement eco friendly environment solutions for the society with an understanding in the needs to assess societal, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues.
II .Faculty Profile
Head of the Department
Qualification M.E, Ph.D
1 Dr.R.GANESAN Professor & Head Environmental Engineering civil.ganesan@velammal.edu.in
2 DR. L.JAWAHAR NESAN Professor & Advisor Construction Engineering and Management jawahar_nesan@yahoo.com
3 Dr..A.JEBAMALAR Professor Hydrology and Water Resources hod.civil@velammal.edu.in
4 T.S.VISWANATHAN Assistant Professor    III Structural Engineering civil.viswanathan@velammal.edu.in
5 T.A.RAJHA RAJESWARAN Assistant Professor   III Construction Engineering and Management civil.rajharajeswaran@velammal.edu.in
6 S. SAMPATH KUMAR Assistant Professor  III Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering civil.sampathkumar@velammal.edu.in
7 T.REVATHEE Assistant Professor  II Remote sensing and GIS civil.revathee@velammal.edu.in
8 J.MONSLIN SUGIRTHA SINGH Assistant Professor  II Structural Engineering civil.monslinsugirthasingh@velammal.edu.in
9 Dr.R.SUDHARSANAN Assistant Professor  II Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering civil.sudharsanan@velammal.edu.in
10 P.SUDHA Assistant Professor  II Structural Engineering civil.sudha@velammal.edu.in
11 K.REYA GEORGE Assistant Professor  II Structural Engineering civil.reyageorge@velammal.edu.in
12 Ms.U. LAKSHMI PRABHA Assistant Professor  I Irrigation Water Management civil.lakshmiprabha@velammal.edu.in
13 P.SELVAKUMAR Assistant Professor   I Integrated Water Resources Management civil.selvakumar@velammal.edu.in
14 S.ARAVIND Assistant Professor   I Construction Engineering and Management civil.aravind@velammal.edu.in
15 K.SOLAIMALAIKANNAN Assistant Professor   I Structural Engineering civil.solaimalaikannan@velammal.edu.in
16 G.SURENDER Assistant Professor   I Transportation Engineering civil.surendar@velammal.edu.in
17 N.DEEPA Assistant Professor   I Irrigation Water Management civil.deepa@velammal.edu.in
18 S.KEERTHIKA Assistant Professor   I Environmental Engineering civil .keerthika@velammal.edu.in
19 J.ALEX CHRISTOPHER Assistant Professor   I Construction Engineering and Management civil.alexchristopher@velammal.edu.in
20 R.VIJI PRIYA Assistant Professor   I Structural Engineering civil.vijipriya@velammal.edu.in
21 R.EZHILARASI Assistant Professor   I Structural Engineering civil.ezhilarasi@velammal.edu.in
22 P.PRABHAKARAN Assistant Professor   I Structural Engineering civil.prabhakaran@ velammal.edu.in
23 T.KAVITHA Assistant Professor   I Structural Engineering civil.kavitha@ velammal.edu.in
24 C.MAHALAKSHMI Assistant Professor   I Structural Engineering civil.mahalakshmi@ velammal.edu.in
25 G.KARTHIKESWARI Assistant Professor   I Structural Engineering civil.karthikeswari@velammal.edu.in
26 S.SHIYAMALAA Assistant Professor   I Geo Technical Engg civil.shiyamalaa@velammal.edu.in
27 S.JANANI Assistant Professor   I Construction Engineering & Management civil.janani@ velammal.edu.in