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Bus Routes
Workshop / Faculty Development Programmes Organized by the Department
Module Description Any other contributory Ins/Industry Developed / organized by Duration Resource Persons
Workshop on open source Technologies - Dr.Manimegalai & Mr.M.Shanmuga Sundaram 06.01.2011 Dr.Manimegalai & Mr.M. Shanmuga Sundaram
Workshop on Networking Technologies - Mrs.P.S.Smitha,
Velammal Engineering College
05.03.2011 R.Saravanan ,
Juniper Technologies Bmaswood Ahamed,
Aricent Technologies
Workshop on Software Testing - T.K.S.Rathish Babu,
Velammal Engineering College
05-11-2011 P.Saravanan,
Ilink Software Solution Ltd,
Virugambakkam, Chennai.
Workshop on Open Source Technology - Mrs.S.Rajalakshmi SL/CSE, Velammal Engineering College 21st & 22nd Jan 2010 Mr.Ravi Jeya,
Open Source Consultant, Chennai
FDP on "E-Governance" - Mrs.Anitha Julian, AP/CSE Velammal Engineering College 10-12-2009 Mr.Muruganandam, Director/STPI, Chennai
Mr.S.R.Das, Centre for excellence in E-governance, Hyderabad
Shri.Piyush Gupta, Manager, NISG, Hyderabad
FDP on "Recent trends in networking" TCS CSE Aug 2008 TCS
Workshop on "Growing influence of digital technology" Quantum Multimedia, Singapore CSE Dec 2007 Mr.Gopinathan, Singapore
Seminars / Guest Lecture Organized
S.No Date Name of the Guest Topic
1. 29-3-12 Mr. M. Ramadoss,
Amachu Infratech Solutions Ltd., Chennai.
Recent Trends in Open Source Technologies
2. 17.3.12 Dr. V. Masilamani, Associate Professor, The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing (IIIT DM), Chennai. Algorithm Analysis and NP Complete Problems
3. 1.03.2012 Mr.Shanu Sukor,TCS Open Source Technologies
4. 6-01-2012 Mr.Shanmuga Sundaram, Dr.R.Manimegalai,Vec,Chennai-66 Workshop on Unix Fundamentals and Utilities
5. 15.9.2011 Mr. A.Daranivasan, Freelancer & Owner of Cyberfreeks Real time Project Management
6. 05.9.2011 Ms.Narmada, Asst Prof, Velammal Engineering College Interactive Debugging
7. 19.8.2011 Mr. M. ShanmugaSundaram Vec,Chennai-66 Configuration Management
8. 9.9.2011 Mr. J.K Velu & Mr. J. Ashok Kumar Open GL
9. 7.9.2011 Ms. Vidya Viswanath Importance of Higher Education
10. 6.9.2011 Mr. Omar A.Alheyasat Fibonacci Data Models
11. 3.8.2011 Mr. Abishek & Mr. Achuthan Java Applications
12. 1.8.2011 Mr. Atiq Aziz Higher Studies in U.S
13. 22.2.2011 S.Selvi, Associate Professor, R.M.K Engg College Role of parsers in Modern computing
14. 26.11.2010 Ms.S.Chandrakala, Associate Prof, Sri Venkateswara College of Engg Machine Learning Techniques for sequential Data
15. 7.10.2010 Ms.V.Latha, Professor, Velammal Engineering College Multiple Access Techniques
16. 5.10.2010 Mr.M.S.Mahaboob Basha, Asst Prof, Velammal Engineering College Asynchronous Sequential Circuit
17. 04.10.2010 Ms.R.Rajalakshmi, Asst Prof, SSN College of Engineering Graphics Algorithms
18. 04.10.2010 Mr.A.Pravin Renold Wireless LAN Bluetooth
19. 01.10.2010 Mr.Nirmal Raj, Asst Prof, Velammal Engineering College Project Management
20. 20.08.10 Mr. P. Srinivas Director PPP Infotech Ltd , Chennai Internet Entrepreneur
21. 19.08.10 Mr. Vinoth Senthil Symantec Ltd., Chennai Ethical Hacking
22. 18.08.10 Mr. Sarith Nair AGM IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd., Adyar, Chennai Options after Graduation
23. 10.08.10 Mr. Atiq Aziz Score Getter, Chennai Higher Education Opportunities in Abroad
24. 08.01.10 ASI Isaiamuthan Security Specialist CTS, Chennai Network Security
25. 22.12.09 Kothi Reddy Sansbond Pvt Ltd., Chennai Ethical Hacking
26. 27.07.09 Mr.Vinoth Senthil Semantic Antivirus, Chennai Network Security
27. 24.04.09 Mr.Vinoth Senthil Semantic Antivirus,Chennai Ethical Hacking in network security
28. 22.01.09 Mr.K.Sridhar NACE Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Open Source
29. 31.08.09 Dr.Kalyani Bhaskar SSN College of Engg., Chennai Data mining and Warehousing